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Discovery of the grounds of the Château d'Écouen

At the top of the witness hill, the castle overlooks the Écouen site and offers a panoramic view of the city and the Plaine de France, so I take the opportunity to take a selfie. In full spring season and the deigning sun point the tip of its nose, I allow myself a small stroll in the open air and […]

A stopover in Roissy

A listening tourist office I work in a tailor-made tourist, cultural and professional travel agency for groups, based in Belgium. This year, I am in charge of organizing an eductour in the Faroe Islands for 13 people: ten travel agents, a press officer, a colleague and me. […]

Écouen: castle life

Live the day of an association visiting the beautiful city of Écouen.

What if I hiked in Luzarches?

And why not stroll first, a little in this beautiful little town with somewhat medieval looks?

Roissy village, calm at the foot of the slopes

Before giving its name to an international airport, Roissy was a small French village like the others and long landlocked. Its historic part has thus been preserved until today. Why not go for a walk?

A stroll through the city center of Écouen…

… Meet the painters of the XNUMXth century. It has been told to me that Écouen was a city of artists, and even that a school of painters had existed there; so it tickled my curiosity. Neither one nor two, with good sneakers, a water bottle in my bag and the city map in hand, my […]

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Live a unique shopping experience in Aéroville.

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Grand Roissy events

The 30 September 2020


Two seconds ! 01

PRIMO Festival - Villiers-le-Bel

Wednesday 30 September 2020 at 15 pm.

The 01 October 2020

Louis Chedid in concert

Louis Chedid "Everything you want in life"

Thursday 1 October 2020 between 20 p.m. and 21 p.m.

The 01 October 2020


The 02 October 2020

The Cook


PRIMO Festival - Gonesse

Friday 2 October 2020 at 18 pm.

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UNISOAP: the association that recycles hotel soaps

The 25 September 2020

UNISOAP: the association that recycles hotel soaps

During the Sustainable Development Week, we highlight virtuous initiatives in the environmental field, particularly but also in the social sphere. Today we present to you the UNISOAP association. Founded there ...

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