An article by Maud, added on 10 April 2020 2 min. reading

Grand Roissy Tourist Office : How will you qualify this period for your cultural activity?

Thierry Crépin-Leblond: The museum and the estate are closed to the public: cultural activity can be found in the online offer on the museum's website, as well as on social networks. 
It is also an opportunity to reflect on the projects to come by 2025 while preparing the autumn activities (Heritage Days, Night of museums postponed to November 14, exhibition "The renewal of the Passion" from November 25).

OT Grand Roissy: After confinement, in your opinion, what will be the changes in customer behavior in the business and leisure segments? 

TCL : The end of confinement should favor outdoor activities with the family: the Écouen site, combining architectural heritage and protected forest, is a real point of attraction. 
The offer for schools and families, as well as for associations, can diversify accordingly, without reducing the logical connection with the interior decor of the castle and the museum collections. 

Grand Roissy Tourist Office : Cow do you imagine the time the recovery on the Grand Roissy ?

TCL : The recovery on the Grand Roissy will probably see a rebalancing between international attendance and local attendance. 
It is also the moment to work on a more harmonious development of the site, integrating town planning, plant accentuation and enhancement of the heritage.