An article by Joëlle, added on May 15, 2020 2 min. reading

Hike with the family this weekend!

Ascension weekend, forest, Ile-de-France… Less than 100 km from your home! Accessible by car or public transport… We see you coming. You want to get started in a family walk ! Ile-de-France is often associated with the city of Paris but we do not forget that it is also the region which has 4 Regional Natural Parks. 

The territory of Greater Roissy is fortunate to be located partly in the Regional Natural Park Oise-Country of France, thanks to the village of Luzarches.

Looking for walks for all leg sizes? Here is a hiking circuit for a family audience, going from hamlets to washhouses, showing remarkable views of the Luzarchois landscape and the surrounding villages.

You can also get your supplies in the bakeries or in the restaurants of the small town which make take-away.

Find all the information on this ride Luzarches "from hamlets to washhouses", and many others, on the Géotrek application "Rando Parc Oise-Pays de France".

Remember to watch out for social distancing while hiking too! Find the gestures to follow