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At the end of 2020, Roissy Dev Aérotropolis launched a tool for local businesses, in order to support them in these times of health and economic crisis.

it's about the Roissy Dev Box. In the form ofan online space, this box will offer several services:

  • simplified access to public markets in the agglomeration;
  • a directory of local businesses (in the form of presentation videos);
  • information on the needs of large local groups;
  • a "local exchange" listing real estate offers.
Alain Aubry presents the Roissy Dev Box.

Roissy Dev Aérotropolis is the economic development agency of the Roissy-Pays de France agglomeration community (42 towns of Seine-et-Marne and Val-d'Oise).

Mayor of Mesnil-Amelot, Alain Aubry was elected Chairman of Roissy Dev Aérotropolis October 14, 2020. He is also the first vice-president in charge of the economic development of the agglomeration.