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In August 2021, the hotel sector remains strongly impacted by the health crisis and the repercussions generated by the closure of borders. Thus, despite a clear increase compared to August 2020, hotels are struggling to return to the levels recorded in August 2019 before the crisis.

An occupancy rate on the rise VS 2020 but which remains low for hotels

Indeed, the frequentation of the hotels of the Grand Roissy remains in considerable decline in August 2021 compared to August 2019. This amounts to a drop of approximately 37 points in the occupancy rate. This loss is common to all the slots which is -26,3 points for the supereconomic. This figure is -41,3 points for the economy segment.

However, we note that the average price is up slightly by 2% in August 2021 compared to the same period in 2019. This increase is explained by the positive development of economy hotels of 16,6% compared to August 2019. If we make a comparison of the cumulative evolution of the price from January to August 2021 versus January to August 2020, we note that the price has decreased on all the bands. Thus, there is a decrease of 52,6 points of occupancy and of 19,2% of the average price. This represents a drop in RevPAR of 73,4%. If we compare the same period once again, the drop in hotel attendance remains very significant. The latter is -42,4 points for super-economy hotels (1/2 *). In addition, it is -56,2 points for 3-star establishments.

The various hotel zones strongly impacted

We also note that compared to August 2019, all sectors of Grand Roissy are affected by the health crisis. Thus, there is a drop in area attendance of 46,4 points for the Allée du Verger sector. This drop is 34,1 points for the Airport sector. Nevertheless, a particularly pronounced increase in the average price is noted in the Villepinte / Paris Nord 2 sector. This amounts to an increase of 28,7%, compared to the same period in August 2019.

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This observatory was set up by the Grand Roissy Tourist Office in partnership with MKG.