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In line with Cyber ​​World CleanUp Day last March, the OT team made a commitment to reduce its digital carbon footprint through two easy-to-lead actions.


The Grand Roissy Tourist Office been communicating for several months on its responsible commitment. This involves training the team in the challenges of development and sustainable tourism, but also through actions to be taken internally.

This is why, this year, we first raised awareness internally so that the whole team is aware of the best practices to apply and the impacts of digital technology on global pollution.

For example, this guide reminds that:

  • digital represents 4% of the greenhouse gases emitted. And this figure will only increase given the exponential use of digital technology.
  • 1,5 tons of water are needed to manufacture a computer
  • 3 applications run at the same time on average on our mobile phone
  • and above all, dematerialization does not mean reducing pollution

How to act?

Thanks to the recommendations of the MONA during a training course on responsible communication, we were able to find some simple solutions to apply. Like following an event like the Cyber ​​World Clean Up Day. This event taken up all over the world is an opportunity to sort through its equipment and digital data.

nettoyage numérique collecte de matériel numérique
Collection of digital material

The OT team therefore carried out a large collection of unused or unusable equipment. We then called on Emmaus Connect to retrieve the material. We collected nearly 20 objects (computers, tablets, telephones, cameras, etc.) and computer cables. Part of this equipment can be reconditioned, the other will be given to recycling centers to recover components, and what cannot be reused will be recycled or deposited in waste disposal.

After recalling that deleting emails was not going to drastically reduce greenhouse gases, we tackled the problem at the source: what is the use of mailings? Do we need to send very heavy attachments? Do we have to put 5 people in copy of an email? For internal messages, we can limit the signatures of emails etc. Reducing the sending of emails is already a good practice.

We then organized a major cleaning of emails (received, sent, saved, deleted) and of the server shared between the team members to start on a good basis. The whole team mobilized more than 5h30 on this occasion.

Other actions to be taken internally

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the actions carried out internally in recent months in terms of sustainable development:

  • Free access to fill your water bottle in our offices. We are referenced on " refill not landfill » for foreign visitors
  • Local boutique products, accessories made by a local artist
  • Sponsorship of a beekeeper in the Val d'Oise
  • Collection of batteries and printer cartridges
  • Creation of internal awareness visuals
  • Optimization of the duration of dynamic displays in our offices to reduce the time of switching on the screens.
  • Partnerships with ESATs for one-off missions
  • Reduction in the number of plans and business cards in print
  • Team training, participation in specialized webinars…

Every action counts!

To learn more about responsible digital, click here