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As part of the current development of our boutique product offer, the Grand Roissy Tourist Office now offers two board games for sale in our three offices in Roissy-en-France, Luzarches et à ‰ neckWhile. Discover without delay the hidden treasures of the Val d'Oise and France by sharing unforgettable moments with your family.

The game of 7 families made by Little Souvenir

For more than two years now, the Tourist Office has been working with Little Souvenir which strives to highlight the unsuspected treasures of the territory Greater Roissy. Thus, we are proud today to be able to count various products in the colors of each of our municipalities including: mugs, notebooks, badges, postcards or even tote bags, which complete our offer of local products.

Thus, in order to meet the challenges of our territory, a real gateway for international tourists and family customers, we have decided to offer for sale a game of 7 families. The latter will allow you to discover the various points of tourist interest, curiosities but also the French personalities who have marked our history. With its pretty shades in the colors of the tricolor flag, the paw of our graphic designer Jessica will allow you to (re)discover the beauty of our dear country with your family, while spending a most convivial moment.

Sale price: 14,90 euros

Circino: discovering the treasures of the Val d'Oise

In this intergenerational treasure hunt, without questions, without special knowledge required, discover or rediscover while having fun with family, between friends, the Treasures of 36 municipalities of the Val d'Oise, including our municipality of Roissy-en-France.

Circino, le Chasseur de Trésors - Destination Val d'Oise

An astonishing crossing of Indiana Jones and Jumanji which will allow everyone to share moments of conviviality and exchange. Only chance, the adventurer's talent and the players' thirst for discovery will make it possible to win the game! Who, as a child, has not dreamed of discovering a Mysterious Treasure? Thus, 8 chests will contain the hidden treasures of the Val d'Oise.

How to play it?

– The players select 8 “Objective” cards (therefore 8 heritages).

– They collect the 8 “Objective” dots corresponding to these 8 cards.

– They mix these 8 pellets face down and place them on the different treasure chests on the game board.

– Each player chooses 2 “Objective” cards among the 8 selected and places them in front of him.

– The Goal of the game will consist in finding his 2 “Objective” dots corresponding to his 2 cards and then bringing them back to Circino in the center of the board.

– To do this, the players will have to search the various chests with only the dice and their sense of adventure (memory) as weapons… by taking secret passages, tunnels and benefiting from boosters.

In their quest, players will not be alone and can count on the help of members of the Circino family through the Bonus cards:

Finally, inside the game, with the rules, a booklet allows you to discover more about each of the heritages highlighted in this Val d'Oise version.

Circino, le Chasseur de Trésors - Destination Val d'Oise

Sale price: 24,95 euros