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In August 2022, Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport welcomed more than 6 million passengers (+ 2,5 million passengers), i.e. 80,5% of traffic in August 2019.

All the terminals of CDG airport is now open to passenger traffic ; with the exception of Terminal 1 currently under construction.

Resumption of traffic at Paris-CDG airport

During the months of July and August 2022, traffic in Paris airports amounted to 18,2 million passengers, i.e. 87,2% of the traffic level over the same period in 2019. These data are encouraging for the entire airline industry and tourism. " Traffic this summer was half that of 2019 and double that of 2020 » ; explains Augustin de Romanet, CEO of Groupe ADP.

Air traffic is currently at its highest level since the start of the health crisis. This is explained by the summer holidays; the establishment of health certificates in Europe but also the progress of vaccination. On the other hand, the airport of Roissy rest penalized by international travel restrictions.

trafic sur l'aéroport CDG (en millions de passagers)

A recovery observed throughout Groupe ADP

Le total Groupe ADP traffic is increase of 9,7 million passengers in August 2022 compared to August 2021; with 29,8 million passengers welcomed across the entire network of managed airports. It represents 83,3% of the level of group traffic in August 2019.
Since the start of the year, Groupe ADP's traffic has been 101,2% increase compared to 2021. He counts 177,7 million passengers, i.e. 75,4% of the level of group traffic over the same period in 2019.

Focus on August 2022

Le international traffic (outside Europe, including DROM-COM) is up by 1,9 million passengers; to 85,6% of the August 2019 level. flights in Europe (excluding France) increased by 1,4 million passengers; to 91,6% of the August 2019 level. Regarding the Mainland France, ADP recorded an increase of 143 passengers; to 462% of the August 84 level. flow to DROM-COM (included in the international bundle) are up 136 passengers; to 024% of the August 112,6 level. The number of connecting passengers is 828 passengers; up by +199 passengers, to 303% of the August 080 level. match rate stands at 19,2%; down -0,5 points.