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This week marks a very special date for the Tourist Office. Indeed, 20 years ago, on February 7, 2003, André Toulouse, mayor of Roissy-en-France creates by a deliberation within the municipal council a Tourist Office, in associative form. Marc Chesné, resident of the town, was elected 1st President of the “Roissy Clé de France” Tourist Office. A look back at 20 years of careers, projects and developments that have marked the history of our structure.

2003: creation of the “Roissy Clé de France” Tourist Office

Identifying the business tourism potential of the town of Roissy-en-France, due to the permanent flows of stopover tourists due to the proximity to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, the Tourist Office was set up in January 2003. Its aim is in particular to enhance the environment in which the hotel business is carried out while improving the reception and information of stopover travelers. This is how the latter was officially presented to the press on November 28, 2003, a symbolic event coupled with the opening of the 4000th room in the village's hotel complex. Make Roissy a great stopover and meeting place, such is the ambition of the Office in 2003!

Discover the archives of the creation of the Office in 2003 by clicking on the photos!

2007-2009: the Tourist Office receives several distinctions

In 2007, the Tourist Office received a first distinction “Hospitality Stars” by the Maison de la France (now Atout France), for its tourist products intended for stopover customers. Similarly, in 2009, the Tourist Office obtained its 3-star classification (former tourist office label, before the new 2011 classification).

2013: An Office classified category 1

Since 2013, the Tourist Office has been classified in category 1, certified AFNOR service mark and also holds the Quality Tourism brandTM. This is the only state mark awarded to tourism professionals. Indeed, it rewards them for the quality of their welcome and their services.

Tourist Offices can be classified as part of a voluntary process. Thus, in 2016, the classification of the Tourist Office in category 1 contributed to the classification of Roissy-in France en Classified Tourist Resort. In fact, this constitutes the recognition of a reception of excellence, responding to the evolutionary ambitions of the Office, carrier of innovative projects.

L'OT Grand Roissy obtient 94,25% au score Qualité Tourisme • Grand Roissy  Tourisme

2017: Merger with the Tourist Offices of Écouen and Luzarches

In 2017, in a context of growth and attractiveness and following the NOTRe law, the Tourist Offices of Roissy-en-France, byÉCOUEN and Luzarches decide to merge. So these territories combine their respective strengths and offer a complete tourist offer. This merger was effective on December 14, 2016, when the merger agreement was signed, and formalized by a Constitutive General Meeting at the end of February 2017, giving rise to the creation of Grand Roissy Tourist Office.

2019: Roissy, Land of Business & Leisure

Then, in 2018, the Tourist Office began its transformation with the establishment of a tourism development scheme by In Extenso Deloitte. This diagram made it possible to identify several recommendations for the evolution of the Office until 2020, in particular the priority of providing the Tourist Office with a brand of territory to affirm its singularities and pluralities. This has been done since the beginning of 2019, when the Office changed its name and presented its new destination brand. From now on, the Grand Roissy Tourist Office is positioned internationally thanks to its brand: Roissy, Land of Business & Leisure.

Thus, the new Grand Roissy Tourist Office becomes a player in the tourist destination of first row in the territory of Roissy-en-France, ofÉCOUEN, Luzarches and two new municipalities: Gressy et Le Mesnil-Amelot with the support of the Roissy Pays de France Agglomeration Community.

2022: Launch of the City Tour Grand Roissy Stopovers

After 2 years of COVID, the Tourist Office is working to make work on its tourism development plan a priority by strengthening the leisure destination for short stays and excursions, by setting up discovery products. of the territory for the potential flows from the airport.

Due to the potential of stopover passengers at Greater Roissy, the Tourist Office expresses the wish to set up a City Tour, inspired by other European and international metropolises, in order to make discover the riches of our territory to stopover travelers. Indeed, this project was born from a desire on the part of the Grand Roissy Tourist Office of highlight the often overlooked treasures of destination. Thus, at the beginning of July 2022, the City Tour Grand Roissy Escales sees the light of day and its tourist coach begins to crisscross the roads to introduce visitors to the area.

For this, the bus serves 6 stations located at strategic points in the hotel zonethen drops off passengers at one of the 6 proposed visit locations. Thus, visitors only had to go to the nearest pick-up point to discover: the ARCHEA Museum,  National Renaissance Museum – Ecouen Castle,  Plaine Oxygène aquatic complex,  Roissy International Golf,  Aéroville shopping center, or the Parisian boats (only on Tuesday evening).

Between heritage, culture, art of living and leisure, a range of experiences were offered to local or passing visitors. The trip was offered at 5€. Free access to museums was included in the price of the ticket and reductions were offered in other places visited. The Parisian stopover, for its part, was offered at 40€ for adults and 20€ for children under 12 years old.

The experiment over the months of July and August having attracted 230 customers and strong in its ambition to expand its offer, the City Tour Grand Roissy Stopovers will be renewed in 2023 with new places to discover (to discover without further delay here).

Save the date !

In order to celebrate the culmination of all these projects over these twenty years, the Grand Roissy Tourist Office will organize a celebration in June, following the General Assembly, in order to bring together all the players who have contributed to the success and evolution of our structure. Save the date !