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In the monthly comparison from January 2023 to January 2019, differences in performance are still perceptible in the hotel figures, but largely reduced compared to the comparison from January 2022 to January 2019. The results thus observed confirm the recovery of activity within the Greater Roissy.

Holding of trade fairs, strikes… the results January 2023 VS 2019

All categories combined, the occupancy rate in January 2023 shows a difference of 8,6 points compared to January 2019. The month of January 2023 further highlights the resilience of the entry-level hotel industry in the face of the crisis. Entry-level brands are more attractive to more demanding domestic customers in terms of price. In times of crisis, the super-economic market has adapted in order to compensate for the lack of customers, allowing it to acquire new customers and thus maintain activity in its hotels. 

In addition, in general, the salons in the Ile-de-France region recorded good results over the full year of 2022, despite a level of activity still in deficit compared to the pre-Covid period. The 4nd quarter of 2022 was marked by a pause in the recovery of trade show activity, accentuated by a sharp decline in participation from the consumer segment in particular. The presence of exhibitors is in turn shrinkage of 14,9% compared to 2018. The trade shows seem to be in a good dynamic, with however a somewhat prolonged return to normal as a result of the energy crisis and the return of inflation.

The results thus observed confirm the reestablishment of activity within the Greater Roissy. Recent events (particularly transport-related strikes), as well as the still uncertain economic context call for caution for the coming months. However, the performance gaps that widened in 2020 and 2021, and which gradually narrowed in 2022, seem to be reduced further at the start of 2023. The trend, clearly on the rise, is therefore an encouraging signal!

Hotel figures by hotel category

Regarding the occupancy rate, super-budget hotels (1* and 2*) in particular, stands out with a virtually reduced gap (-1,3 points). The gap remains greater within budget hotels (3*) (-14 occupation points), as well as for mid-range hotels (4*) and tourist residences (5*) with a deficit of more than 10 occupancy points compared to 2019.

The revival of activity is more accentuated in view of the dynamics of the average price to January 2023. The entire hotel portfolio of the Greater Roissy recorded an increase of +4,1% in its average price compared to January 2019. super-economic slots (1* and 2*) et economical (3*) show a similar positive evolution, respectively +9,7% and +9,6%, resulting in an average price up by +€6,2 and +€7,4. The increase in the average price is more moderate within the mid-range establishments (4*) and tourist residences (5*) : 2€ additional on average.

As a result of an occupancy level still in deficit, and despite a recovery in the average price, the RevPAR of the Grand Roissy hotel portfolio still shows a decline in performance, with overall: -8,3%, i.e. approximately -5,6 ,XNUMX€. Only super-budget hotels (1* and 2*) shows an increase in RevPAR compared to January 2019: +7,8%, i.e. an addition of €3,8.

Hotel figures for the Grand Roissy sectors

The analysis by sector of Grand Roissy reveals the difficulty of recovering one sector in particular: the Villepinte/Paris Nord 2 sector which shows the most significant delays compared to January 2019:
-20,3 occupancy points; and a RevPAR down 21,3% (i.e. -€11,3). The change in the average price is however the most significant there, with a recovery of 11,5% compared to the level of 2019, i.e. a gain of €8,8. The events take place again, however generally on a smaller scale. Progression levels are higher than last year, but still below the level of 2019.

The entry-level market was thus able to benefit to some extent from the growth in activity within the sector. Orchard Alley whose indicators are clearly improving compared to the other sectors of Greater Roissy. Overall, the Grand Roissy park attests to a delay in January 2023, which results in a slight deficit in turnover per room of €173.

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