An article by Chloe L, added on 17 October 2023 2 min. reading

Since 2021, the Tourist Office has strengthened its observation criteria on attendance in its territory thanks to the Flux Vision Tourisme tool. Find the complete report for September 2023 now.

1- 359 French overnight stays

In September 2023, the Grand Roissy region recorded 359 overnight stays in France, or 109% more than in September 2022. This represented a daily average of 12 overnight stays, with the top 3 overnight stays by department: Seine-Saint-Denis (41%), Seine-et-Marne (6%) and finally Paris (3%).

2 – 324 foreign overnight stays

The Grand Roissy territory welcomed in September 2023 324 foreign overnight stays, be one increase of 20% compared to September 2022. Thus, the daily average was 10 overnight stays with the United States in first position (32%) followed by China (14%) and Germany which represented 9% of monthly foreign overnight stays.

What is the Flux Vision Tourisme observatory?

Since 2021, the Tourist Office has been strengthening its observation criteria on the frequentation of its territory (in addition to the hotel performance studies produced by MKG) thanks to the Flux Vision Tourisme tool.

Flux Vision Tourisme is a innovative solution developed by Orange in collaboration with le Paris Ile-de-France Regional Tourism Committee. It is a state-of-the-art tool at the service of the territories to measure the attractiveness, performance and attendance of sites.

This tool allows:

  • byanalyze attendance of our territory and the movement of visitors;
  • byobtain detailed data and detailed analyzes on Grand Roissy: overnight stays, excursions, or even origins of tourists.

This system is now used in 50 departments, as well as in several regions.