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The completion of line 19 of the Grand Paris Express is planned for the year 2040. Its route is envisaged to connect line 15 in La Défense (Hauts-de-Seine) to the terminal of line 17 in Roissy (Val-d' Oise)

Towards enhanced mobility between CDG Airport and La Défense

Val-d'Oise is preparing to benefit from a major advance in mobility with the launch of the project line 19 of the Grand Paris Express. Valérie Pécresse, president of the Île-de-France Region and Île-de-France Mobilités, alongside Marie-Christine Cavecchi, president of the Val-d'Oise department, revealed the details of this new rail link. Line 19 promises to be an essential link in the Ile-de-France transport network, aiming to connect Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport to La Défense.

An ambitious project for 2040

The project, the realization of which is expected by 2040, provides for the creation of nine to eleven new stations, for an estimated cost between 5 and 7 billion euros. Line 19 will extend over a total distance from 25 to 30 km, thus providing a direct connection between La Défense and CDG airport. This connection will cross Val-d'Oise from east to west, serving towns such as Sarcelles, Gonesse and Argenteuil.

The main objective of this new line is to strengthen the connectivity of Val-d'Oise, often perceived as neglected by transport infrastructure, with the other departments of Île-de-France. Thanks to this initiative, approximately 650 inhabitants will be located within 000 km of a line 19 station, thus facilitating access to public transport. In addition, several strategic connections will be planned, notably at Nanterre with lines 15 and 18, and in Gonesse with line 17, thus opening new perspectives for travel in the region.

Map of the Grand Paris Express project with the addition of line 19

A positive impact on the economy and employment

The implementation of line 19 of the Grand Paris Express also promises significant economic benefits. Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be directly accessible thanks to connections with other major lines in the Ile-de-France network. Exchanges between different urban areas and economic centers will be facilitated, thus promoting the economic development of Val-d'Oise.