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“It’s okay, Cheffer!! » is back in 2023! Take part in this thrilling edition, using the same principle that made the event successful in 2022: brigades where you will be the clerks, will have to compete in audacity, guided by their respective leaders, to seduce a jury of experts with dishes!
See you on Friday, December 22 at 18:00 p.m. at the Orangerie in Roissy-en-France!

A culinary challenge under the sign of generosity and conviviality

The appointment is made for the 2023 edition of “À va Cheffer!! » which promises to be even more daring and unforgettable than the previous ones. The principle remains unchanged: brigades made up of enthusiastic participants will have the opportunity to work alongside experienced chefs to create dishes that will appeal to a demanding jury of experts.

Entertainment for children and an exceptional setting

This year, the event will take place at the Orangerie in Roissy-en-France, offering an exceptional setting for this gastronomic competition. And because the event is designed for the whole family, special activities will be organized for children, guaranteeing a memorable evening for young and old.

A story of solidarity and commitment

The story of “It’s going to Cheffer!! » dates back to Roissy-en-France handball club, engaged for years in the Telethon. A simple charitable gesture evolved into an engaging culinary adventure. In 2019, under the presidency of the club, the Chefs Workshop was born, bringing together amateurs and professionals around a gastronomic “battle”. The funds raised, the result of this friendly competition, were entirely donated to the AFM Telethon.

Last year's dish

In the programme :

The third edition of “It’s going to Cheffer!! » displays a clear ambition: to multiply the impact of this solidarity evening. This year, 12 chefs will be present to supervise up to 120 adults and adolescents. A team of volunteers will also be mobilized to take charge of a thirty children, making the event accessible to everyone. The growing scale of this initiative testifies to its success and its potential to become an unmissable event in the years to come.

Registrations within the brigades:

Adult and Teen (2009 and before): €25
You were born in 2009 or before, you will be part of one of the “adult” brigades.

Child (2018 to 2009): €10
Your child was born from 2019 to 2010, he will be part of the “children” group.

Don't miss this unique gastronomic and charitable event on Friday December 22 at 18 p.m. at the Orangerie in Roissy-en-France!
Address: 6 Germany du Verger, 95700 Roissy-en-France

This operation benefits from the support of the Association of Hoteliers of Grand Roissy and the Town Hall of Roissy-en-France