An article by Vokya D, added on 14 December 2023 2 min. reading

Air France, the emblematic leader of French air transport, is launching a vast recruitment campaign in Île-de-France, offering professional opportunities in several fields.

Various positions in the airline industry

The company is actively looking for new talents for several of its professions, ranging from cabin crew to aeronautical mechanics, including pilots, IT engineers, business analysts, and revenue management experts. Candidates are invited to view all job offers on the Air France recruitment site, where job details are available.

2 talents in 000 and persistent recruitment dynamics

In 2023, Air France plans to welcome nearly 2 new employees, including more than 400 drivers, 350 mechanics and 260 managers, all on permanent contracts. This recruitment dynamic is planned to continue in 2024 and beyond, demonstrating Air France's continued commitment to the development of its team.

Air France, a major player in employment in Île-de-France

At the heart of its three main activities – passenger transport, freight transport and aeronautical maintenance – Air France generates more than 37 direct jobs in the Île-de-France region. Although 50% of its turnover comes from abroad, more than 90% of its employees are based in France.

Commitment to training and integration

Air France is not limited to recruitment, but also engages in initiatives aimed at promoting training and professional integration. Partnerships with organizations such as the Association for Training in Aviation Professions (AFMAé) and the Jérémy association make it possible to offer training and integration paths in the aeronautics sector.

Focus on equality and diversity

The airline is also committed to in favor of gender equality and diversity in aeronautics. Through the charter “Let’s feminize the aeronautics and space professions” and participation in the association “They move”, Air France promotes diversity and fights against stereotypes present in the sector.

Air France, a key player in the regional economy, contributes not only to the development of the aeronautical industry, but also to the creation of jobs and the professional development of talents in Île-de-France.