An article by Vokya D, added on 21 December 2023 2 min. reading

Quicky EasyGo, the campervan rental specialist in Ile-de-France, is offering a new shuttle service for the transport of people or campervans from 2024.

Transport of people – Competitive prices for a comfortable trip

Explore the new shuttle prices 2024 de Quicky Easygo, a subsidiary of CampingCarInvest. The company now ensures the movement of people in a radius of 200 km around Paris and Charles de Gaulle Airport. Consult the pricing table to discover the costs including tax depending on the destination, distance, time and number of passengers.

Moving Motorhomes – A tailor-made service

In addition to transporting people, Quicky EasyGo facilitates moving motorhomes. Whether you want to repatriate your vehicle or move it from point A to point B, Quicky Easygo has you covered. Ideal if your health does not allow driving or if you are short of time. You can even work or rest during the journey in your motorhome.

Additional concierge services

The company also ensures maintenance, overhauls, repairs and technical inspection of your vehicle. For these concierge services, request a personalized quote.

Whether it is a simple movement of people, the transport of motorhomes, packages or complete concierge services, Quicky Easygo simplifies your trip.


Address: 3 Chem. de la Dîme, 95700 Roissy-en-France
Get a quote: 06 49 34 98 70