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The year 2023 is coming to an end soon but not the cultural season at the Orangerie. There is still time to discover fascinating shows.

January 2024

Tuesday January 23 at 20 p.m. - Gospel for 100 voices

Their performances, viewed 70 million times online and followed by 120 million viewers, earned the show nominations at the Reality TV Awards and Premier Gospel Awards. Selected for Britain Got Talent – ​​The Champions and Schlagerboom, they made Britain Got Talent history with a double Golden Buzzer.

Tuesday January 30 at 20 p.m. - Everybody knew
Live Drama


The story of incredible resilience, that of a woman who became an iconic figure in the fight against domestic violence.

February 2024

Thursday February 8 at 20 p.m. - Kiwi Day – FULL
Live Drama

Father and son on stage and in the city, find Gérard Jugnot and Arthur Jugnot together in the theater for the first time in a new comedy by Laetitia Colombani. Barnabé Leroux is a maniacal, obsessive and above all very litigious accountant. Since the death of his wife, he has led a solitary life and very rarely sees Benoît, his only son.

Wednesday February 21 at 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. - Loop of O
Young audience

Two characters meet in a language of body, voice, rhythms of images to question what turns in our world, the cycle and the loop, the cog and the wheel. Through the symbol of water and the circle, they question the cycle of life, the construction of identity, one's own reflection and the relationship with others

Wednesday February 28 at 20 p.m. - Great kyiv Ballet “Don Quixote”

Don Quixote, an eccentric old knight obsessed with the ideal of chivalry, is haunted by the vision of a utopian love, Dulcinea. The ballet is made up of famous episodes such as the meeting with the traveling actors, the battle against the windmills and the famous “pas de deux” of Don Quixote and Kitri, full of virtuosity, which has become a workhorse for the classical stars.

March 2024

Thursday, March 7 at 20 p.m. - Three Gourmet Cafés “La Promesse” 

Three gourmet cafés may have “Corrèze in catheter” but also great ambitions. A collaboration with the favorite personality of the French: difficult to find more prestigious to begin this new discographic chapter: Jean-Jacques Goldman co-writing and composing “Quéjour?” ". This third album is called The Promise. It lives up to its name perfectly.

Tuesday March 12 at 20 p.m. - Karim Duval “Entropy”

You have certainly seen his videos (“Covidism”, “Chinese Underpants”, “Chief Happiness Dictator”…) on YouTube or LinkedIn (yes, yes). Come see him on stage! After the success of his show “Y” at the European and at the Théâtre Libre in Paris, as well as on tour throughout France, Karim Duval returns with a new opus that he will create in 2023

Friday, March 15 at 20 p.m. - Musical images of Roissy-en-France

Scents, images, sentences or sensations transform between his ears and under his fingers into melodies, rhythms and harmonies: so many delicious improvised compositions that invite us to discover our village differently. Between virtuosity and fantasy, the famous pianist-composer will share with us during this exceptional recital a poetic journey inspired by his own emotions.

Friday March 22 at 20 p.m. - Sherlock Holmes the Musical Adventure
Musical comedy

Voted best show for young audiences 2023 during the MUSICAL COMEDY TROPHY ceremony.

London, 1910. The news is making headlines: the Aztec statue of the god Tlaloc, jewel of the great national museum, has been stolen! The famous private detective Sherlock Holmes is in charge of the investigation, accompanied by his faithful sidekick Doctor Watson

April 2024

Friday April 5 at 20 p.m. - Claudio Capéo – FULL

With more than a million records sold, Claudio Capéo has become an essential artist on the new French scene. Revealed in 2016 with his hit “Un hommestanding” (diamond single), his eponymous first album ranked No. 1 in sales upon its release for 5 consecutive weeks and sold more than 700 copies, making of this opus the biggest success for a revelation artist.

Sunday April 7 at 18 p.m. - Artus “One man show” – FULL

In this new show, Artus will not exceed the limits, since he has none! For 10 years now, Artus has been navigating between television, series, cinema, and one-man shows, with always the same success. His talent has indeed made it possible to establish the splits as a trademark, sometimes actor, producer or cook! , taking a keen look at our small and big failings, paving the way for inclusion and knowing how to laugh at everything with intelligence.

May 2024

Thursday May 16 at 20 p.m.  - Sandrine Alexi “Imitate all women”

At a time of parity, Sandrine Alexi goes even further: she offers us a 100% female show. The impersonator with 100 voices blasts the news with the impertinence and insolence that we know her to be. Through the voices but also the mannerisms and expressions of our female politicians, singers, journalists, presenters, actresses…

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