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From 1er January 2024, changes will be made to the tourist tax in Île-de-France. We will keep you informed of the details below!

The 2024 finance law, published in the Official Journal, introduces an additional tourist tax of 200% in Île-de-France from 1er January 2024.  Article L. 2531-18 of the Local Authorities Code provides that “ it is established an additional tax of 200% to the tourist tax or the flat-rate tourist tax collected in the Île‑de‑France region by the municipalities mentioned in article L. 2333‑26 as well as by the public intermunicipal cooperation establishments mentioned in 1° to 3° of I of article L. 5211‑ 21.

Tourist tax in Île-de-France as of 01/01/2024

Type of establishmentTariff since 2017Price as of 01/01/2024
Palaces and equivalent tourist establishments4€ per person per night14,95€
5-star establishments and equivalents3€ per person per night10.73€
4-star establishments and equivalents2,30€ per person per night8.13€
3-star establishments and equivalents1,50€ per person per night5.20€
2-star and equivalent establishments + 4- and 5-star holiday villages0,90€ per person per night3.25€
1-star and equivalent establishments + 1, 2 and 3-star holiday villages + Collective hostels0,80€ per person per night2.60€
3, 4 and 5 star campsites and equivalents0,80€ per person per night1,63€
1 and 2 star campsites and equivalents0,80€ per person per night0,65€
Accommodation awaiting classification or without classification 0,80€ per person per night11,37% the cost per person of the night of the highest rate adopted by the community

In accordance with deliberation 2023/051 of June 16, 2023
And in article L. 2531-18 of the Code of local authorities as resulting from the finance law for