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In November 2023, the Grand Roissy hotel network recorded an exceptional performance with an overall occupancy rate of 72,3%, marking a significant increase in 7,2 point compared to November 2022.

Major Headlining Events

At the heart of this improvement, the professional and general public events played a pivotal role, bringing new vigor after a less active interlude. The living room Milipol Paris, the world's leading event for homeland security, has established itself as a major catalyst, delivering on its promises with 800 exhibitors from 65 countries and a notable influx of visitors. Simultaneously, the show “ BAM! », a true cultural showcase, brought together a diverse audience, thus fueling the demand for accommodation.

Parisian airports on the front line

The Paris airports, witnesses and actors of this dynamic, recorded robust traffic, with a significant recovery rate. This aeronautical influx, coupled with the aforementioned events, has generated a significant increase in hotel occupancy, particularly for higher category establishments which have seen their occupancy rate and RevPAR skyrocket.

Monthly performance and positive correlation

Monthly performances, analyzed by zone, demonstrate a positive correlation between events and hotel activity. The Airport area, for example, posted an occupancy rate of 77%, outperforming other sectors, and benefiting from average price and RevPAR growth. This observation is also valid for areas Allée du Verger and Villepinte/Paris Nord 2, which, although to a lesser extent, have experienced significant progress.

Remarkable price increase

In terms of pricing, the rise is just as remarkable. The average price in the hotel industry has experienced dynamic growth. Higher education establishments recorded the largest increase in average price with + 6,4 %, while the super-economic segment also saw its prices increase by 3,5%, demonstrating the ability of hoteliers to capitalize on a recovering market.

Impressive growth in RevPAR

RevPAR, a key indicator of profitability, was illustrated by an impressive progression, particularly in the higher segment which benefited from a substantial gain in + 26 %. Overall, the progress is + 17,7 % and reflects a resumption of economic activity and a significantly improved performance compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

Conclusion: renewed momentum

In short, the major events at Grand Roissy have given impetus to the hotel sector. This month of November saw the hotel sector rebounds brilliantly, thus marking a break with the previous, less successful period of October in terms of average prices and RevPAR. The positive dynamic seems firmly anchored, suggesting a promising outlook for the months to come in this dynamic hotel region.

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This observatory was set up by the Grand Roissy Tourist Office in partnership with MKG.