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Exhibition from January 22 to February 4, 2024 (free entry)

Le L'Orangerie cultural center in Roissy-en-France welcomes January 22 to February 4 a committed exhibition in its hall, initiated by the association ECVF (Elimination of Crime Against Women). The event aims to raise awareness among residents, elected officials, and community services about violence against women by deconstructing nine widely held misconceptions.

Free and free entry according to Orangerie opening hours
(Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. / 13:30 p.m. to 18 p.m.)

Received ideas deconstructed with rigor

The exhibition focuses on the restoration question of prejudice concerning violence against women. Nine erroneous claims are addressed, illustrated and deconstructed using numerical data and texts. Among them, beliefs such as violence is a private problem, an abusive spouse can be a good father, or that prostitution is a job like any other.

The objective is twofold: deconstruct prejudices about violence itself and sexist representations that hinder an effective understanding of the problem.

A fight against the symbolic order

These preconceived ideas are not trivial. They are part of a symbolic order which legitimizes violence against women. These prejudices, omnipresent in all spheres of society, contribute to making this violence invisible. Challenging these preconceived ideas is essential to highlight the reality of sexist and sexual violence as well as their structural nature in the patriarchal system.

This approach turns out to be an essential prerequisite for the construction of a effective public policy in the fight against violence against women.

Related events

As part of this exhibition, two major events are also organized.

Mardi 30 janvier at 20pm

“Everyone knew” performance

At the L'Orangerie Cultural Center, actress Sylvie Testud, awarded the Molière for the only one on stage in 2023, returns with the production of Anne Bouvier. The play “Everybody knew” aptly evokes the terrible fate of Valérie Bacot, condemned for having murdered her husband after 20 years of violence and control.

Information and reservations au +01 (34)29 48 59 XNUMX XNUMX ou here

Wednesday January 31 at 15 p.m.

Video debate on the theme of violence

At L'Escale, a video debate will be held, allowing for deeper reflection on the theme of violence against women. An opportunity to exchange and debate in order to better understand and act against this scourge.

The exhibition and these events highlight the importance of raising awareness to combat violence against women and contribute to changing mentalities. An essential step towards building a more egalitarian and respectful society.