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The L'Orangerie Cultural Center in Roissy-en-France offers a diverse and captivating program throughout the month of February. Three key events will light up the stages of the Orangerie, offering a rich and varied artistic experience.

February 2024

Thursday February 8 at 20 p.m.
Gender: Live Drama

Father and son on stage and in the city, find for the first time together at the theater, Gérard Jugnot and Arthur Jugnot in an unpublished comedy by Laetitia Colombani.

Barnabé Leroux is a maniacal, obsessive and above all very litigious accountant. Since the death of his wife, he has led a solitary life and very rarely sees Benoît, his only son. His only real contact with the outside world is limited to his weekly visit to his psychoanalyst. His life is regulated, even meticulous, nothing is left to chance, until the day he discovers that a yogurt is missing from his fridge... Barnabé is sure the yogurt was still there the day before! What if a simple yogurt could change the course of a life?

Discover Barnabé's crazy adventure at L'Orangerie, an excellent evening in perspective!

Wednesday February 21 at 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
Loop of O
Gender: Young audience

Two characters meet in a language of body, voice, rhythms of images to question what turns in our world, the cycle and the loop, the cog and the wheel.
Through the symbol of water and the circle, they question the cycle of life, the construction of identity, one's own reflection and the relationship with others. From the crank to the roundness of the drum, from the centrifugal force to the spiral, the shapes and movements resonate with the water games and composed rhythms.

A show to share between young and old, with the pleasure of “closing the loop” together!

Wednesday February 28 at 20 p.m.
Great kyiv Ballet “Don Quixote”
Gender: Dance

Don Quixote is one of the most prestigious works in the history of classical dance. The ballet combines the romantic intrigue of young Kitri and the barber Basile with the odyssey of the “sad-faced knight”.

Don Quixote, an eccentric old knight obsessed with the ideal of chivalry, is haunted by the vision of a utopian love, Dulcinea. The ballet is made up of famous episodes such as the meeting with the traveling actors, the battle against the windmills and the famous “pas de deux” of Don Quixote and Kitri, full of virtuosity, which has become a workhorse for the classical stars.

Nureyev produced the first complete version of the ballet in the West according to the choreography of Marius Petipa. The choreographer offers here a choreography full of color and vigor. The music of Austrian composer Léon Minkus alternates airy melodies and Spanish ensembles, all crossed by a bubbling, joyful and lively energy.

With Don Quixote, we are in the golden age of classical ballet. As for the Grand Ballet of kyiv, its soloists perform successfully on the best stages: those of the Bolshoi, the Scala, the Paris Grand Opera, the Metropolitan Opera and the Orangerie.

All over the world, the mastery of the artists of the kyiv Ballet is admired.