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Go behind the scenes at one of the busiest airports in the world

For fifty years, Paris-Charles de Gaulle air traffic controllers have been taking turns tirelessly, Round the clock, to guarantee the safety and smoothness of takeoffs and landings. With an average of 1 planes per day, and up 120 devices to manage within the hour during peaks of activity, flawless logistics take place on what were once fields as far as the eye can see.

A symbolic inauguration and an ambitious vision

On March 8, 1974, Pierre Messmer, then Prime Minister, inaugurated Terminal 1 of Paris-Charles de Gaulle. At that time, the whole world anticipated an explosion in air traffic, and the airport had to be ready to welcome 10 million passengers per year. With innovative architecture and cutting-edge equipment, this new platform was the symbol of a changing nation.

The transformation of a rural town into an airport metropolis

At the heart of this metamorphosis, the small town of Roissy-en-France, formerly dedicated to agriculture, has seen its landscape radically transformed. From fertile land producing beets and cereals, it became the center of airport activity, now counting 34 hotels with nearly 8000 rooms for a population of at least 2 inhabitants.

TF1 | Report by M. Gatineau, E. Coppo
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