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In December 2023, the Grand Roissy hotel network observed a slight decrease compared to the previous year, with an overall occupancy rate of 62,5%, thus marking a decrease of 2 points.

Trends by hotel category:

  • 1 and 2 star hotels: Occupancy rate of 71%, down 8,1 points. Despite a slight increase in the average price of 2,6%, the RevPAR decreased by 7,9%.
  • 3 star hotels: Occupancy rate of 48,4%, down 3 points. The average price falls by 6,3%, leading to a significant reduction in RevPAR of 11,7%.
  • 4-star hotels and 5-star tourist residences: Occupancy rate stable at 61%, with a slight increase of 1,2 points. The average price fell by 1,5%, but the RevPAR remained almost unchanged, with a small increase of 0,6%.

Overview :

Overall occupancy rate of 62,5%, down 2 points. The average price remains stable with a slight increase of 0,5%, while the RevPAR decreases by 2,6%.

Analysis by geographic area:

  • Airport: Occupancy rate almost stable at 69,2%, with a slight drop of 0,1 point. Average price and RevPAR both decrease by 1%.
  • Orchard Alley: Occupancy rate of 55,5%, down 5,3 points. The average price falls by 3%, leading to a significant reduction in RevPAR of 11,4%.
  • Villepinte/Paris North 2: Slight increase in occupancy rate to 52,9%, with a 2,7% drop in average price and a slight increase in RevPAR of 0,5%.

Although the region has experienced certain events likely to stimulate tourist attractiveness, it seems that they have not been significant enough to significantly impact hotel activity. Among these events, we can cite the opening of the International city of the French language in spring 2023, a cultural place dedicated to the French language and French-speaking cultures, as well as Heritage Days at Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, which included special tours like the airport fire station. However, it seems that he has missed large events, such as major trade shows, which could have really boosted hotel activity in the region.

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This observatory was set up by the Grand Roissy Tourist Office in partnership with MKG.