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The Écouen Historical Society invites you to an exceptional conference entitled “The tragic end of Henri II, grandson of the constable Anne de Montmorency, last lord of the Montmorency”. This event, presented by Thierry Crépin-Leblond, curator of the National Renaissance Museum, will be held on Friday May 24 at 18 a.m., in the room of the municipal art gallery of Écouen.

Henry II of Montmorency: a tragic destiny 🗡️

Thierry Crepin-Leblond will reveal the life and tragic end of the last lord of Montmorency, Henry II of Montmorency. Marshal of France and governor of Languedoc, Henri II was beheaded October 30, 1632 for having plotted against Cardinal Richelieu. This conference will be an opportunity to delve into the political intrigues and power struggles of the time, while discovering the poignant fate of a man caught in the torments of history.

The Duke of Montmorency was beheaded after plotting against Cardinal Richelieu ©Wikimedia Commons

Practical details 📍

The conference will take place on Friday May 24 at 18 p.m., in the room of the municipal art gallery in Écouen (in the Écouen town hall building). Don't miss this unique opportunity to discover an essential part of French history, told by a renowned expert.

Given the limit on the number of participants, please confirm your presence by contacting the Écouen historical society to the following address :

Immerse yourself in this captivating exploration of the past and prepare for an enriching evening dedicated to the history of Écouen and its emblematic figures.