Quality Tourism brand logoTM

The Office and the Quality Tourism brandTM

Since 2013, the Grand Roissy Tourist Office is holder of the Quality Tourism brandTM. This is the only state mark awarded to tourism professionals. Indeed, it rewards them for the quality of their welcome and their services.

The Quality Tourism brand thus constitutes the essence of the quality approach deployed by the Tourist Office. Backed by the commitment of the Management and all the staff, the Quality Tourism brandTM aims to provide services that meet the current and future expectations of our customers, our partners and our communities. Thus, we find the following criteria, for example: the quality of reception or services. We also find the promotional actions undertaken and the promotion of the destination.

It serves to legitimize the fact that our Office meets the requirements of the reference system for a Tourist Office classified in category I. As a result, the Tourist Office benefits from support from several players in the area. Thus, there are in particular Tourism DNAVal d'Oise Tourism and  Paris Region Regional Tourism Committee. These allow us to perpetuate our quality system and follow the evolutions of the brand.

The brand guarantees that the activities of reception, information, promotion/communication, production/marketing of the shop, evaluation and improvement of the quality of services. meet the requirements to satisfy tourist customers.

A Category I Tourist Office

Since 2013, the Tourist Office has been classified in category 1.

Tourist Offices can be classified, as part of a voluntary process. Indeed, the classification constitutes a powerful lever to strengthen their unifying role and allows local authorities to access certain advantages. Thus, in 2016, the classification of the Tourist Office in category I contributed to the classification of Roissy-en-France en Tourist station. In fact, this constitutes the recognition of a reception of excellence.

In 2018, due to the merger-absorption, the category 1 classification of the Office (formerly Roissy Clé de France) and ownership of the Qualité Tourisme brand have been extended to new Ecouen ILO et Luzarches.

The quality approach at the Tourist Office

To ensure the coordination and dynamics of the quality approach within the team Greater Roissy, a Quality Assurance Manager has been appointed by Management. He undertakes to follow the entire procedure for obtaining the mark. Likewise, it is responsible for verifying the proper application of procedures by all staff. Finally, he assists management with the implementation of corrective actions, in consultation with the entire team.

The TO's quality approach is based on three main axes:

  • The construction of the project : the tourist office is the driving force behind the tourist development of its territory (tourism development scheme, major regional projects, operational objectives);
  • The deployment of new services and products on its territory : innovate, adapt and qualify the services of the tourist office with regard to the demand of tourists and socio-professional actors;
  • A team mobilized in the quality approach : a professionalization of each employee. Namely supporting, empowering and training employees in the quality system, motivating and mobilizing their team.

Establishments holding the Quality Tourism mark in the territory

Find all the establishments holding the Quality Tourism labelTM on the official portal.