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I work in an agency that creates tailor-made tourist, cultural and professional trips. This one, intended for groups, is based in Belgium. This year, I am in charge of organizing a eductour in the Faroe Islands for 13 people. There are ten travel agents, a press officer, a colleague and me. Our Thalys train must arrive at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle at 9:37 a.m. Our flight from Paris takes off at 16:50 p.m. I wonder how to occupy my guests during this long stopover. So, an idea comes to mind: contact the Grand Roissy Tourist Office. This will provide advice on the surrounding places theairport which may be the object of a visit for a stopover. Indeed, this will allow us to wait in a context of discovery. In addition, it will show participants of theeductour which Roissy does not only rhyme with airport and business tourism but also with culture and discovery.

What was my surprise to learn that the Office has un group service able to organize such a getaway for us.

My interlocutor introduced me to the wide tourist offer of Grand Roissy territory which brings together the cities of Roissy, Luzarches, Écouen, Le Mesnil Amelot and Gressy.

“A territory where each village, castle or museum tells a colorful story, in the heart of landscapes that have remained authentic. This natural setting less than 30 km from Paris offers an incredible range of activities to recharge your batteries or compose moments to live intensely: outdoor sports, golf courses, spas, walks, shopping, gastronomy ... Roissy, the destination where business rhymes with relaxation ”as described by their beautiful Destination brochure.

Our visit for a stopover in Roissy

Thus, we have a support by our group leader who welcomes us in person at the Roissy Charles de Gaulle station. Without further ado, we make our way to Air and Space Museum by private bus.

After 20min drive, we arrive. We are expected on site by our guide who is about to introduce us to an extraordinary museum.

The Air and Space Museum is a state museum under the Ministry of Defense, built on two sites. First of all, the old terminal of the Bourget which measures 125 m² then a second site of 000 m² located on a former Air Force base on the other side of the airport, in Dugny. Its vocation is " to ensure the conservation and enrichment of State collections, as well as the presentation to the public of the historical and cultural heritage in the field of aeronautics and space et preserve the memory of the Le Bourget site linked to its establishment in Bourget"

First of all, we discover an exceptional collection of more than 150 planes, helicopters and rockets including the Soyuz and Ariane 5. Then, in the north wing, we learn about the permanent exhibition “The pioneers of the air”. The latter reveals rare pieces: canvas or wooden planes. Eyes wide open we return to the past. A magnificent room, out of time, reveals the famous story of the conquest of space. Apollo Mission, does that mean anything to you?

Impossible to make this visit without crossing the exhibition halls of the periods of wars: "1939-1945". In addition, we also go to the hall "Between the wars". We experience an immersion close to reality, recreating the noises and the stress felt by the Allied paratroopers in certain aircraft.

Finally, we end this wonderful visit with the exterior and interior of two Concord. Thus, we set off to discover the prototype of the famous test pilot André Turcat and one of the production planes ofAir France.

A well-deserved break

After two hours of traveling through time out of the ordinary, we take the return road towards Roissy-en-France.

First of all, we start our afternoon with a lunch in one of the partner hotels of theTourist Office. Indeed, a space has been set up for us as a group. The meal is served as a very varied buffet. We regain our strength before the rest of the trip. Our group leader took great care to include cold and hot drinks in this sweet meal.

Finally, our bus before dropping off at the bus station, makes a detour via the Aéroville shopping center. This one was created in September 2013 and we operate a brief shopping spree there before the big departure. This modern shopping center, on one and the same level, offers a rare customer experience in Ile-de-France. Indeed, it has a set of 144 shops and 32 restaurants including a special area dedicated to them. In addition, there is also a cinema Pathé Aéroville of 15 rooms including the famous Dolby cinema, 4DX and Premium, two concepts of escape games: Virtual Time and Team Break and a concierge.

We did not see the time pass and leave with our heads full of beautiful memories! This gives me ideas for my next stopover groups. Thus, we will take the time to visit the rest of the territory. Indeed, our guide aroused our curiosity by telling us about the city of Écouen and its rich historical heritage, The Archéa museum devoted to the archeology of the Pays de France or even Luzarches and its guided walks.

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