Between green valleys, feudal mounds, stretches of forest that have become settings for the ruins, but also its many hiking trails, the town of Luzarches, the greenest in Greater Roissy, has something to appeal to adventurers, lovers of history and fresh air!

Luzarches, a medieval heritage

Camped on the slopes of the Ysieux ValleyBetween the Plain of France and Forest of Whipped Cream, this ancestral town invites you to take a leap in time. In the past, between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, Luzarches was the third post office on the main road that linked Paris to Calais. Louis XIV, Bossuet and king of scotland have also stayed there!

To the rhythm of the horse-drawn carriages, many inns were built which received travellers. Thus, it is enough to stroll in the cobbled streets of Saint-Come, Swan or the Deer, as well as on the square where the XNUMXth century market stands, to identify the unique heritage of Luzarches. In this line, the Porte Saint-Come dating from the XNUMXth century, testifies to this typical medieval defense architecture specific to the town. Don't forget to take a detour to theSaint-Côme-et-Saint-Damien church, freely accessible, in order to admire the many colored stained glass windows as well as its beautiful ribbed vaults.

Luzarches and its green spaces

After this relieving heritage visit, why not enjoy a bit of greenery? In the heart of town, you can discover the intimate and green Botanical garden of Luzarches. Composed of 2500 plants of more than 400 varieties, this attractive little flowery space will mark a most pleasant break in this exotic getaway.

Similarly, a stone's throw from the centre, the Luzarch forest offers 18 hectares of nature dedicated to biodiversity, and to family walks through its many paths and cycle paths. Also included is the valley of Rocquemont which has another surprise in store for you: a meadow where you can observe unique cows..

In fact, the largest municipality in Val d'Oise hosts a couple of Highland cows, originally from Scotland, who are accompanied by a small calf, the fruit of their union. These cows testify to the attachment of Luzarches to its twinning with the town of Montrose in Scotland, because in addition to the presence of these astonishing animals, the charming town organizes its annual " Highland Games to honor Scottish heritage. Our herbivore friends thus greatly contribute to the attraction for the town by arousing the curiosity of young and old alike!

Luzarches hiking routes

Hiking enthusiast? The Grand tour of Paris (GR1) offers a station-to-station excursion departing from Luzarches. This route passes through the coye forest, a green setting located in the famous forest of Whipped Cream. You will appreciate its remarkable viewpoints as well as another natural curiosity: its two intertwined trees. Just 20 kilometers from the famous Paris-Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport and its perpetual restlessness, one thing is sure, Luzarches will leave you with an astonishing memory of calm and well-being.