At the top of the witness hill, the castle overlooks the Écouen site and offers a panoramic view of the city and the Plaine de France, so I take the opportunity to take a selfie.

In the middle of the spring season and the sun deigning to point the tip of its nose, I take a stroll in the open air and choose to discover the park of the castle. The suggested route in the booklet "A castle - A forest" strongly appealed to me since it takes me through practically all the alleys of the domain.

I start the route on the way to the west wing of the castle and discover at the precise angle of the south terrace a magnificent maple tree with leaves with webbed veins. Further on, I can see the garden with the yews pruned in a topiary. I then take the direction of the small avenue of the green theater to appreciate the rotundas of the plane trees.

buisson parc Ecouen

I return to the main alley, the Allée Princesse, where sumptuous chestnut trees are planted and a little further to the right of the benches: charms. Strolling along this path, I was able to admire splendid rhododendrons and even wild strawberries! I also let myself be tempted by two or three strawberries and I resumed my journey.

I turn my head from left to right so as not to miss any of this flora. I turn my head to the right I discover a beech, I turn my head to the left I see holly, and stopping in front of it, I see the recess in the wall of the estate. In the booklet, it is explained that this was the historic location of the famous Chappe Telegraph built at the end of the 18st century. For more information, I am told to go to the Tourist Office.

At the crossroads of this alley, I notice a majestic chestnut tree with four trunks, I did not think that it could exist, I liked it so much that I took a picture of it to feed my Instagram!

I go in the direction of the fountain, called "Fontaine Hortense" because it was offered to the institution of the Legion of Honor by the brother of Queen Hortense (Prince Eugène de Beauharnais) in 1810. The Euphorbe and a bed of primrose border this part of the park and the fountain.

I continue my walk by sinking into the undergrowth and I find myself facing the missed oak, which is indeed a bit special with a kind of circle on the trunk. I resume walking and get drunk on the smell of the forest and the flowers on the way, such as lily of the valley with its white bells, bluebells of purple woods and white and yellow deer anemones.

muguet parc du château d'ecouen

I finally arrive towards the Allée du Luat where superb lime trees with heart-shaped leaves await me, the lime sapwood is also known as a medicinal practice. The end of my journey is approaching before I see to my great happiness other wild strawberries and then allow me once again to pick a few strawberries!

Finally, I head to the terrace of the restaurant "A la table des rois", sit at a table sipping a juice and tasting these delicious wild strawberries, while enjoying the sun and a light breeze in front of the Plain of France.