Le Mesnil-Amelot: a rural town 25 km from Paris!

Located northwest of Seine-et-Marne, Le Mesnil-Amelot is only 25 km from Paris and less than 10 minutes by car from Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. Rural as you wish, the town invites you to relax just a few kilometers from the tarmac. On the program for your visit: walks, mini-safari, visits and swimming!

1) Walk in the park of the town hall of Mesnil-Amelot

Located in the city center of the town, discover the town hall of Mesnil-Amelot and its sublime landscaped park. Indeed, recently restored in an antique style, the building offers you a green setting conducive to walking. Sitting at the edge of the pond is a guaranteed change of scenery! 

👀 The story : Before the French Revolution, the village bears the name of Le Mesnil Madame Rance. Madame Rance was the mother of Guillaume d'Annet and Gauthier, viscount of Dammartin. It seems (in view of the different names of the village), that the names of the lords and ladies who owned it were added in order to distinguish it from other Mesnils.

2) Mini-safari at Maurice Droy Park 

Direction Maurice Droy Park for a very unusual safari. Thus, at the bend of an alley or a grove, you risk seeing an elephant and even a giraffe! Indeed, these two wooden sculptures decorate the town's park to the delight of children who can approach them in peace. On site, also discover the Maurice Droy village hall where most of the events and shows scheduled by the town hall of Mesnil-Amelot take place.

3) Meeting with the Red Elephant by Richard Orlinski 

As you stroll through the streets of Mesnil-Amelot, you will certainly (again) cross paths with an elephant, but this time all dressed in red (yes, yes!). Don't worry, this one is completely harmless. You can even come and take a picture with him!

🎨 The culture minute : Internationally renowned sculptor, Richard Orlinsky designed this elephant as part of its Born Wild© collection. The artist draws his inspiration from nature and its beauty to evoke animality and savagery through his works.

4) Visit of the Saint-Martin church 

It is the only listed historic monument in the town of Mesnil-Amelot (and not the least): visit the pretty St. Martin's Church ! Indeed, built between 1520 and 1550, the building sports a flamboyant Gothic style with some Renaissance inspirations. Like a large number of churches in Île-de-France, the church is dedicated to Saint-Martin-de-Tours, one of the secondary patrons of France (just that!). Thus, open to the public during the European Heritage Days, the visit is free and completely free! And good news, there will always be someone to answer your questions on site that weekend.

👀 The story : Legend has it that on his way to Rome, Martin saw his donkey devoured by a bear while crossing the Alps. Thus, he transforms the bear into a beast of burden and orders him to carry his luggage to Rome, before setting him free.

5) Splash at the Plaine Oxygène aquatic complex

Take the swimsuits out of your suitcase, it's time to swim! Indeed, recently reopened, Oxygen Plaine is a leisure complex with 3 spaces:

🏊‍♀️ An aquatic area with a sports pool (25m), a fun pool for children and baby swimmers and a health and fitness pool dedicated to aquagym lessons and other water sports.

🏋️‍♀️ A fitness area with a cardio-training platform and weights room, where fitness classes are organized.

💤 A wellness area with spa, sauna, hammam and hydromassage bath.

6) Fun and interactive visit of Mesnil-Amelot

Are you visiting Seine-et-Marne with your family? Download it Baludik course of Mesnil-Amelot to enjoy a digital treasure hunt that comes to life in the streets of the town. During your visit, your children will become outstanding investigators to unearth the hidden treasure of the mother of the Viscount of Dammartin...

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What to visit near Mesnil-Amelot?

Other treasures are waiting to be visited in the territory and around the Greater Roissy. So, here are some ideas for outings to add to your getaway in Seine-et-Marne:

  • Gressy (10 km from Le Mesnil-Amelot)
  • Roissy-en-France (12 km from Le Mesnil-Amelot)
  • Ermenonville (14 km from Le Mesnil-Amelot)
  • Castle of Champs-sur-Marne (18 km from Le Mesnil-Amelot)
  • Saint-Denis Basilica (19 km from Le Mesnil-Amelot)
  • Royaumont (21 km from Le Mesnil-Amelot)
  • Chantilly castle (21 km from Le Mesnil-Amelot)
  • Château de Vincennes (23 km from Le Mesnil-Amelot)
  • Luzarches (23 km from Le Mesnil-Amelot)
  • ÉCOUEN (25 km from Le Mesnil-Amelot)

How to reach the town of Le Mesnil-Amelot from Paris – Charles de Gaulle airport?

Allow 8 minutes by car to reach the town of Mesnil-Amelot from Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.