What if we told you that it was possible to take a deep dip in nature just a few minutes from Paris? Yes, Île-de-France is a real playground for hiking enthusiasts! Whether you prefer walking or cycling, the region offers sumptuous routes combining abundant nature and impressive historical heritage. Small path in the heart of a national forest, circuit between valley and castle, loop around the ponds... Which route will you choose for your next hike in Ile-de-France?

Luzarches: a family hike from hamlets to washhouses


🥾 Remote : 11 kilometers

🕦 Duration : 2,5 hours

📉 Elevation : Low

Fancy a hiking circuit to do with the whole tribe? Direction Luzarches, in the Val d'Oise, one hour from Paris, for an all-level ride nestled in a natural setting! From the station of Luzarches, set off on the hiking trails going from hamlets to washhouses. 

During your hike in Île-de-France, take the time to admire the superb viewpoints of the Lucerne landscape. Between fields, edge of the woods and villages of character that surround the city, this walk is the promise of beautiful shots! After a few kilometers of walking, the washhouses of yesteryear make their appearance. Before setting off on a hike, revise your history lessons well… This is the time to explain to the children how they were used in the past! 

🧺 Washing and chatting : In the past, women gathered with their wooden basins in the washhouse to wash their dirty laundry in public (literally!). On their knees and armed with a wooden beater, they beat their laundry and twisted it in all directions. We don't know about you, but we much prefer the hum of our washing machine... 

📌→ This way to find the stages of this hike near Paris! 

The Old Country of Goussainville: an unusual hiking route!


🥾 Distance : 1,76 kilometers

???? Duration : 0,5 hours

📉 Elevation : Low

In Goussainville, combine the unusual and hiking! Meet in the historic center of the city, partly abandoned since the 70s… 

During this mini journey through the heart of the heritage of old Goussainville, discover buildings that were once inhabited during your walk. From the castle to the old stables, passing by the “Le Paradis” café, life here happily followed its course! Today, nature is slowly reclaiming its rights, offering a completely atypical natural and urban setting during a hike. Fans of unusual photos will have a great time capturing the ruins of the city soon submerged by ivy, and the church of Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul de Goussainville, listed as a Historic Monument. 

⛪️ Put the church back in the center of the village : Unusual but true! The historic center of Goussainville, or the Old Country as it is affectionately called, was partly deserted by its inhabitants during the construction of Paris-Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport. The latter was forced to buy the houses in the first noise zone to demolish them. Only, not everything went as planned… The church being classified as a Historic Monument, it could not be destroyed! The same goes for all the buildings located within 500 meters around it… An (almost) ghost village, the Old Country still lives today, around the buildings and walled houses, as if frozen in time!

📌 Discover here this unusual journey in this (almost) ghost town in Île-de-France!

Gressy: a stroll along the Beuvronne and the Canal de l'Ourcq


🥾 Distance : 3,6 kilometers

???? Duration : 1,5 hours

📉 Elevation : Low

The gentle lapping of water, the chirping of birds, the quivering of leaves in the forest when the wind blows... It's no coincidence that hiking in Gressy rhymes with little paradise! 

From Manor of Gressy, a prestigious 4-star establishment in Seine-et-Marne, take to the trails of Île-de-France for a hike along the water! The path begins along the Beuvronne canal, in Parc Macquer, leading to the pond of the same name. Arrived here, try your hand at some ricochets with the children, with the surrounding forest as a backdrop. An enchanted natural setting! On the way back, follow the trail of the mallards that have passed here… With a bit of luck, it will take you to the end of the hike: the town of Claye-Souilly! If you prefer not to rely on our feathered friends, just continue your walk along the Canal de l'Ourcq. Up to you ! 😉

💡To each his own hike : The advantage of this route is that it can be done in both directions! If you wish, you can leave from the town of Claye-Souilly to Gressy

📌 This way to discover this hike in Seine-et-Marne!

Luzarches: the circle is complete around the heritage of the Pays de France


🥾 Distance: 18 kilometers

???? Duration : 2 hours

📉 Elevation : Low

This time we are going to travel the roads of Île-de-France by bike! From the city of Luzarches in the Val d'Oise, this hiking loop for all levels allows you to discover the natural and historical heritage of the Pays de France at your own pace. Let's go for a ride!

Luzarches, Chaumontel, Asnières-sur-Oise, Seugy, Royaumont… During this cycling loop, cross various small picturesque villages of the Val-d'Oise, between forest, valley and fields. On your way stands an impressive Gothic building: Royaumont Abbey. The largest Cistercian abbey in Île-de-France! Take the time to visit it during your hiking trip. 

🪴 Our gardeners have talent : Royaumont Abbey is not only distinguished by its superb building, but also by its three gardens classified as “remarkable”! Here, go green in a French-style garden, an experimental Vegetable Garden and a medieval-inspired garden… Just that!

La Scandibérique: our two unmissable bike tours


La Scandiberic, you know ? It is a cycling route of no less than 1700 kilometers, linking Trondheim (Norway) to Santiago de Compostela (Spain). But don't worry, the road is divided into different sections that offer beautiful bike rides!

The hiking routes that interest us are those of Villeparisis to Thieuxand an Thieux to Ver-sur-Launette. From the countryside to the city, discover the changing landscapes of Île-de-France, from the Beuvronne pond located in the Parc Macquer to the Saint-Denis church in Gressy, passing by the castle of Compans. A hike in Île-de-France placed under the sign of the discovery of the natural heritage of Seine-et-Marne and Oise!

🚲 Note to the reckless: If the two routes can be independent, the bravest can complete the two routes in a row! This only represents… 31 kilometres. So, chick?