This is the event of the year for a company: team building. Some waited for it desperately while others dreaded it... So prepare your collaborators, for the annual seminar, we're leaving at Roissy-en-France, next to Paris ! And for the occasion, we say goodbye to traditional karaoke.

5 reasons to do an annual team building with your company:

❤️ It strengthens the bonds and cohesion in the team

😎 It creates memorable memories that will be remembered

👨‍🎓 It helps to integrate new recruits 

✨ We forget the call and remote video sessions to meet for real

🥳 Everyone leaves relaxed: productivity can skyrocket!

Come on, we leave you with 5 ideas for team building activities to do with your employees at Roissy !

A fun Escape Game to strengthen team spirit

There's nothing like an escape game to challenge your employees! That's good, at the Escape Game Team Break du Aeroville Shopping Center, it is their specialty. Choose a theme (Koh Lanta, Fort Boyard, prison, haunted hotel…), form shock teams with the participants and go for 60 minutes of puzzles!

💡 This Escape Game has several game rooms if there are many team building participants.

✅ The soft skills developed: cohesion, sense of organization, teamwork, ability to manage conflict, etc.

The Golf International de Roissy: a calm and intergenerational activity!

Introduction to golf Roissy International Golf satisfies all generations. But this is not the only advantage of this activity for your team building! Goodbye office, hello oxygen. We are sure that your collaborators will like this green break during your seminar.

💼 For which company? To be preferred if your employees are often in offices and have little contact with the outside world!

Hotel afterworks to unwind for an evening

Sometimes, you don't have to be gone for long for it to do the most good. For a business seminar, it's the same. Regularly, you can organize afterworks in the hotels of Roissy with your collaborators: a glass of wine, a good meal with colleagues, and you're off to a good evening!

→ Check the agenda!

❤️Another afterwork idea : A beer tasting at the Orville brewery !

A discovery workshop at the Archéa Museum in Louvres 

The Archea Museum de Louvres can also organize a discovery workshop especially for your team building. Here, it is the creativity of your collaborators that will be put to the test with, for example, an introduction to archaeological excavation! The next Indiana Jones may be on your team… One thing is certain: the Archea Museum is the ideal place to give free rein to your imagination. 

The Citroën Conservatory: an extraordinary experience!

A team building is also used for that: to tell your collaborators that they are exceptional and that you are lucky to have them. For that, take them to the Citroën Conservatory d'Aulnay-sous-Bois: visits are only available by reservation. They will have the chance to admire the most beautiful models in Citroën's history. Perhaps some of your collaborators have been there since the creation of the company… Show them that they too are collector's items!

Organizing your team building at Roissy: two questions, two answers!

Where is Roissy located?

The village of Roissy-en-France is near Paris, in Île-de-France. Atypical and historic, it has managed to preserve its Gallo-Roman origins and keep its touch of humanity, even after the expansion of Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport.

What is a team building used for?

Coming from the United States, team building offers many advantages for your company: strengthening team cohesion, increasing productivity... 

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