True green lung of Seine-Saint-Denis, Sausset Departmental Park classified Natura 2000, offers a disconcerting green break within its 200 hectares! Families, friends, school or alone, the four sectors of this rejuvenating setting will satisfy the desires of the greatest number. Go on an adventure and sharpen your 5 senses for an amazing visit to the second largest park in the department.

In this immensity of nature, Sausset Departmental Park will make you travel for an afternoon. Thus, discover atypical atmospheres, sailing between the liveliest playgrounds in the Prés Carrés sector, and the Olympian calm of the forest or the clearing, often compared to a setting from Alice in Wonderland. As you wish, explore this park in all directions. The latter will be able to make you rediscover spaces that are still unknown on each visit while making the most of your senses.

1– Listen carefully: an astonishing fauna with feathers, fur, 2 or 4 legs

It is not our animal friends who will be outdone Sausset Departmental Park ! Indeed, in addition to the hives present, no less than six caniparcs have been installed. So, come and enjoy a pleasant walk in the company of your four-legged animal. Listen carefully to admire the many species present in the park during your wanderings. Finally, if you wish to experience a complete change of scenery in the Seine-Saint-Denis, discover the park from May to September. Indeed, you will be able to observe the goats and cows welcomed there to make eco-grazing in order to regulate certain shoots of plants. A total change of scenery…and eco-responsible!

Ditch goat eco-grazing

True guardians of this temple of biodiversity, the eco-guards present on site every day, ensure the reception, prevention and safety of the park and its walkers. Young and old alike will be able to benefit from their wise advice and answers in order to be educated about the environment. They also work alongside park managers to monitor species. They also contribute to the development of harmonious management between fauna, flora and visitors. Thus, while taking into account the demands of residents and elected officials, some areas are left fallow or even closed to the public. The interest is to favor the development and preservation of biodiversity (the forest, the marsh, the islet of the pond, etc.).

The forest sector

2– Train your taste buds: a vineyard in Seine-Saint-Denis?!

Formerly former market gardening grounds for beets and cabbage, Sausset Departmental Park has been able to preserve a DNA deeply rooted in respect for biodiversity over the years. Indeed, the latter was built on undisturbed agricultural land which is therefore of very good quality. Moreover, the last sector developed in 1996, the bocage, is a reproduction of Norman agricultural land. Since its creation, the agricultural project of the park has made it possible to accommodate many facilities allowing everyone to take advantage of the immensity of this green space.

Direction the sector of the “Puits d'enfer” which, contrary to its name, will invite you to discover an Eden of greenery. In fact, it has been there for almost 20 years. 2000 vines, 1 Pinot Noir and 080 Chardonnay. And what could be better than visiting the vineyard and the cellar in the company of a cellar master? The latter will give you a lot of fascinating explanations about wine production. And if the tasting has conquered your taste buds, know that the different vintages of the Park will soon be on sale! Meet on the first Sunday of October to discover these resources during the traditional vine festival in the park. Health !

3 – Exercise your green thumb: in the shoes of a market gardener 

This is not the only surprise that you will be able to discover in this sector with a misleading name….since for a year and a half, Sausset Farm took up residence there. It currently includes two professional farmers: a producer of wild and local plants and an organic market gardener. The latter grows seasonal vegetables such as potatoes or pumpkins, which are sold locally each week. Welcome to come and discover good vegetables for sale directly from producers!

In addition, if you too want to slip into the shoes of these farmers, know that the inhabitants of the surrounding municipalities are also involved. In fact, in the nearby Bocage sector, they have a plot for market gardening. Within this space, collaboration is required since planting and harvesting are done in groups. To your rakes!

4 – Take in the eyes: the annual activities of the park

After working out, why not enjoy a gourmet break in the refreshment area? Delight in a drink and a treat facing the pond before going to the Maison du Sausset just a stone's throw from here. You will be able to discover the rich annual program offered free of charge in the park. It will allow you to sharpen your curiosity and your knowledge of biodiversity. Among other things, you can take advantage of storytelling tours, shows, an open-air library or even nocturnal nature activities to observe amphibians, owls or bats. Finally, if you are a fan of flora, you can independently walk the talking trees in the Forest sector. This walk will allow you to discover in the Prés-carrés the magnificent collection of oaks comprising no less than 114 trees!

5 – Take a breath of fresh air: play sports in a green setting

Inhale, exhale… What could be better than playing sports by oxygenating your lungs in the heart of nature? Whether you are alone or with your family, come and enjoy the many spaces in the park available to young and old alike. On the program: a disc-golf course (loan of discs at the reception of the House of Sausset) an area for rollerblading, cycling and skateboarding. In addition, there are several playgrounds! One of them will also delight the most adventurous thanks to its zip line. Intrepid spirits can also try to find the exit from the plant labyrinth before enjoying a pretty view to drill all the detours on the observation bridge...

The sportiest will not be left out since Sausset Departmental Park has a street workout station. There are trampolines, apparatus distributed within the park, two fitness areas with numerous equipment. And all this, with a breathtaking view of the pond in the company of its gray herons, cormorants and other coots! Bicycle enthusiasts will also be able to circulate freely on the paths of the park. Be careful, do not exceed 20 km/h so as not to harm the many pedestrians present. A "Cycling route in Sausset" booklet is available to visitors at the reception of the House of Sausset.

A true example of harmonious management to leave you with a memorable memory.

Do not hesitate to come and discover the many green spaces also present in the territory Greater Roissy.

Pratical information

To find out all the practical information relating to the Sausset Departmental Park, click here.

  • Maison du Sausset: reception, activities, workshops, exhibitions –  01 71 29 20 80
  • Contacts: or
  • 3 car parks, 1 RER B station (Villepinte-Parc du Sausset)
  • Picnic tables
  • shelters
  • Public toilets (including PMR)
  • Drinking water points
  • Walk-hike: PR of 7km (FFRP approved)