You have a stopover at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport ? 1h, 2h, 8h or even 24h? Luckily, the territory of Greater Roissy has all the necessary infrastructure to make your waiting time until the next flight more pleasant! Indeed, to rest, have lunch, discover the region, take a breath of fresh air or work out… Tell us which passenger you are and we will tell you what to do in Roissy while waiting for the plane!

1) The fly-tripper 😎

The Manor of Gressy

Thus, the fly-tripper travels a lot, often jetlagged, he is on the lookout for the slightest relaxation area to rest and recover the hours of sleep lost during his travels. Are you a fly-tripper? Take the time to take a break from the Grand Roissy hotels. Depending on your stopover time (and your desires!), opt for:

Has the rest whetted your appetite? Indeed, some hotels have their own restaurant and offer cuisine based on fresh products prepared by great chefs! Thus, economic formula or starry night, take advantage of your stopover in Île-de-France to rest and recharge your batteries in the hotels near Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.

2) The foodie 🤤

Restaurant Il Maestro – Ecouen

The fine gourmet is passionate about good food, he is not always a big fan of the meal trays offered on the plane and the restaurants at the airport do not always meet the expectations of his keen palate! Fortunately, the Grand Roissy restaurants know how to satisfy the requirements of the fine gourmet!

On the menu for your stopover: fresh produce and discovery of specialties from Île-de-France and elsewhere. With no less than a hundred restaurants, the Grand Roissy invites you to lunch according to your wishes: traditional kitchen, world cuisine, lifestyle kitchen… From gastronomy to formulas under 20 euros, take advantage of your stopover to treat your taste buds in the restaurants close to Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport!

3) The anxious 🥴

Botanical garden of Luzarches

The anxiety of the trip is quite simply the one who does not like to take the plane. Either because leaving the mainland makes him nervous or simply because traveling is stressful. In any case, the anxious are not spared the long hours of waiting that precede boarding. To make your stopover in Île-de-France much more pleasant, several options are available to you:

  • Come relax at the Oxygen Plaine ! This 11 m² nautical complex is the perfect place to take your stress away for a moment. On the program for your stopover: whirlpool baths, sauna, hammam, massages... The best way to recharge your batteries before your flight!
  • Take a deep breath in the Botanical Garden de Luzarches ! Inhale and exhale deeply in this attractive 2 m² flower garden! On site, discover more than 716 plants including 2500 different varieties!

4) The hyperactive 🤪

Hiking in Luzarches

It's hard to arm yourself with patience when you're hyperactive! Leaking in the airport, very little for you, isn't it? After taking the 100 steps in the terminal and visiting the many shopping malls, you quickly run out of ideas... 

What if we told you that many hiking routes are accessible near Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport ? Don't worry, it's not about going around the tarmac but rather enjoying a breath of fresh air in the middle of nature near Luzarches ou Gressy. On foot or by bike, make the most of your stopover time in Île-de-France to exercise, because once on the plane, you will hardly be able to move!

5) The Curious🧐

National Renaissance Museum - Château d'Écouen

The curious like to discover every corner and anecdote(s) of the places they visit! In every free time, he lets his curiosity push him towards new horizons (and he's right!). Luckily, we have the favorite activity of the curious: the city tour! Book your ticket for the City Tour Grand Roissy Stopovers, the latter takes you to discover the nuggets of the territory of the Greater Roissy through 5 thematic circuits:

  1. National Renaissance Museum - Château d'Écouen : Discover one of the jewels of the Renaissance built in the XNUMXth century as well as the collections of the National Museum of the Renaissance, a real journey through the history of France!
  1. ARCHEA Museum : An archeology museum with contemporary architecture to discover in the historic center of Louvres. The site concentrates 40 years of archaeological research carried out in the north-east of Île-de-France!
  1. Aéroville shopping center : A place of leisure, relaxation and shopping with a cinema, escape game and many restaurants, shops... Ideal for strolling and enjoying plenty of activities!
  1. Roissy international golf course : In a natural setting, enjoy a sublime 18-hole golf course, driving range, clubhouse with terrace and restaurant. Nearby, find the  Green Valley de Roissy-en-France : more than 6 km of tree-lined paths open to all!
  1. Plaine Oxygène aquatic complex : five areas under the sign of water, relaxation, fitness, spa pool, spa etc.

Here are some great ideas, if you are looking for what to do in Roissy while waiting for the plane!

6) The disoriented 🙃

Finally, the disoriented has trouble finding the exit from the airport… Fortunately, he can count on our guide convenient to CDG airport and download the free Paris Airport app in order to know all the information in real time on the services available at each terminal, timetables, companies, car parks, etc.

Now that you have found the terminal for your next flight, all you have to do is take advantage of your stopover in Île-de-France to fill up on activities and leisure the heart of Greater Roissy !


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