You have a few hours ahead of you before joining theParis Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport ? Do you want to take advantage of your stopover just a stone's throw from the airport? Come and discover the typical charm of the village of Roissy-en-France, example of communion between past and present.

How to get to transport to Roissy ?

If you want to discover the village and you are coming from Paris, take the RER B and stop at the station Charles de Gaulle Airport 1. Six different bus lines drop you off at Roissy city center from the Roissypôle bus station. If you are already atParis-Roissy CDG airport, go to the bus station and then take one of these lines. Nothing could be easier thanks to the CDGVal which connects the major hubs of the airport.

If you subsequently need to go to one of the hotels in our territory, several alternatives exist.

The Parc de la Mairie de Roissy: between nature and heritage

Start by discovering the radiant colors of the many species of the Roissy-en-France Town Hall Park. Did you know that the latter is called "the 5 continents"? Indeed, it is enriched with plant essences from all over the world. A true witness to the international character of the town, your gaze will immediately be absorbed by an imposing relic. Proudly enthroned next to theGreater Roissy Tourist Office : it's about Concorde main landing gear ! You can also download the app Izi Travel, available on IOS and Android, which is a pocket audio tour guide to listen to the history of Roissy-en-France walking through the old village.

A cultural stroll

After enjoying this witness to our past and its history, stroll through the small alleys of the Park. A shimmering, metallic-colored object arouses your curiosity. As you approach, you will discover a modern sculpture by Alex Labejof. It is a sculptor from Val d'Oise who designed the "Metalithe". This one represented a hybrid form between the bird and the plane, a metaphor for the cohabitation of nature and famous airport. Continue your stroll and let your gaze fly a few meters above the ground. Admire the majesty of the Cedar of Lebanon. Then, continuing your stroll through the green alleys, cultivate yourself thanks to theannual photographic exhibition. This route will take you to the edge of the park where some remains of the old castle remain. Thus, you will find the South door there as well as the door of the East gable of the stables, presenting the coat of arms of the commune and the agricultural past intimately linked to the history of the commune.

Finish your walk in the Park by going to the Town Hall esplanade. You can admire this sumptuous building, built from the stones of the old castle of the village as well as its neighboring sculptures and the vestiges which are exposed there.

A charm of yesteryear: discovering the Saint Eloi church and the Saint-Jacques de Compostelle fountain

Join the village and soak up its charm of yesteryear. The old houses still carved out of stone coexist with the many bistros and restaurants de Roissy-en-France. Finally, end your walk with a stop at Saint-Eloi church. Explanatory panels introduce you to the fascinating history of the church. Do not hesitate to pass the doorstep and discover a rich interior and the superb works that take pride of place within it. You are outside! Below, the soothing sound of the water of the Fountain Saint-Jacques de Compostelle ends your walk in style!

When the hour is up, go to the "Eglise" stop on line 22, which is a few meters away, to get to the Roissypole bus station to return to Paris-Roissy CDG airport and head for new adventures.

This visit can also be done via an audioguide, available for free on the Izi.Travel app.

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