Today, the theme of the environment becomes an important part of the various missions inherent to a Tourist Office. Indeed, this theme must be integrated into the functions of promotion, reception, information, animation or even marketing. So, in this context, Grand Roissy Tourist Office engages with the general public, communities and professionals. Thus, its sustainable approach is part of a desire to raise awareness and preserve the natural, cultural and historical heritage of its territory.

The commitments of the Grand Roissy Tourist Office for its sustainable approach:

1. Raising public awareness

  • Through its mission to promote the destination, the Office is committed to highlighting the natural heritage of the destination Greater Roissy.
  • In addition, the Office undertakes to raise awareness and contribute to the preservation of the said natural heritage through actions or partnerships with the actors of the territory.
  • Similarly, put forward explanatory documentation for the public in each Office premises.

2. Raise awareness among staff and partners of the Office

  • Set up eco-gestures in the offices of the Office (limitation of plastic cups, etc.).
  • In addition, in-house staff training is essential (selective sorting, reduction of printing, reduction of packaging, recycling of ink cartridges, etc.).

3. Promote the committed actors of the territory 

  • Support providers / partners / stakeholders in their sustainable development projects.
  • Apply a responsible purchasing policy within the Office by favoring eco-committed providers, recycled materials and short circuits.

4. Promotion of short circuits for the sale of products

  • Highlighting local / artisanal producers during the event.
  • Marketing of local products, identity to the Office.

5. Become part of the territory's environmental commitments and actions (town halls, CARPF, CDT Val d'Oise, PNR Oise)

  • Collaborate with partner communities via actions applicable to Responsible Tourism promoting the preservation of natural heritage.
  • Involve regional relays in the Office's reflection and / or action process with regard to sustainable development.

6. Help make the destination accessible to everyone

  • Finally, make your establishment "accessible" and communicate on the adapted services available at the destination.

To download our commitment charter for sustainable tourism in PDF format, click HERE