Bees today constitute a real environmental issue. Indeed, the latter promote pollination and thus help the proliferation of flowers but also trees. Finally, they contribute to the diversification of existing plant species. Their presence is a sign of the good health of our environment. They are also a recurring theme in the territory of Roissy-en-France. With this in mind, our Office has decided to respond to these various challenges via a partnership with Beeflow.

Sponsorship from local producers: a commitment that is obvious

After the commitment of the municipality of Roissy-en-France in the national program "Bee, Sentinel of the environment" and the installation of eight hives behind theéglise St. Eloi, the Tourist Office presented in 2014 the photo exhibition "The People of Bees" detailing the methods of bee rearing in the world.

Since then, we have wanted to go even further in supporting this environmental issue of preserving bees. The Grand Roissy Tourist Office has in turn committed to a eco-environmental approach by sponsoring a beekeeper located in Fleurines, in the Oise-Pays de France Regional Nature Park with the beekeeper network A Roof for the Bees" page (in French).

After two years of sponsorship, we made the decision to refocus on the Greater Roissy territory by sponsoring two local beekeepers: Frantz and Olivier, beekeepers at Beeflow.

The Tourist Office decided to sponsor a beehive from a beekeeper, in order to support this issue. This commitment thus ensures beekeepers a fixed income. he can count on, to help save bees and swarms.

Beeflow: who are they?

Created in 2011 by Frantz and Olivier, two beekeepers, Beeflow is located at Mareil-en-france only 6 km from Luzarches, in the Oise-Pays de France Regional Nature Park. Aware of the urgency of preserving bees and the environment, the two co-managers of Beeflow are also involved with the League for the Protection of Birds. Thus, the latter donate 1% of their annual turnover each year.

Beeflow produces honeys that meet a maximum of organic label criteria. However, it remains complex to prevent bees from foraging on treated fields, which are still numerous in the Val d'Oise.

Through this sponsorship, we wish to support these local beekeepers engaged in their activity. The interest is in particular to allow them to preserve and develop their apiary.

Handicrafts on sale at the Office:

Today, we market in our three offices in Roissy, Luzarches (currently closed for relocation) and D'ÉCOUEN, the various harvested honeys and artisanal products derived from Frantz and Olivier honey, guaranteed French Origin and 100% natural.

We also offer you to taste for free * the seasonal honeys of Beeflow in each of our offices

*tasting offered in accordance with current health rules (single-use wooden spoon)

For more information : Beeflow