Located northwest of the Seine et Marne and north-east of Paris-Charles de Gaulle international airport, Le Mesnil-Amelot is only 25 km from Paris and 30 km from Meaux. Although airport occupies almost 40% of the territory and that the Mesnil-Amelot is in direct contact with the urban fabric of the Ile-de-France agglomeration, the municipality retains a rustic and authentic aspect.

Le Mesnil-Amelot is located on a vast grain plain. The landscape is therefore flat and clear, offering panoramas on Goële Mountains in the North. Functional corridors of meadows, wasteland and green outbuildings cross the city from northwest to southwest. These corridors make up the “green belt” of the Île-de-France Region. Agricultural, forest and natural areas occupy 51,4% of the municipal territory. Artificial open spaces represent 14%. The territory of Grand Roissy is therefore truly turned towards nature as evidenced by the Green Valley, the Regional Natural Park of Oise in Luzarches and its hikes to name a few.

Le Mesnil-Amelot is a small residential town which goes from 904 inhabitants to 12 people on weekdays, given its economic dynamism. The population is very active here. We find many “neo-rural” from neighboring departments who are looking for a more “rural” living environment without abandoning urban services. The population is young (53,5% is between 15 and 44 years old). Mesnilois are essentially qualified employees found in the tertiary sector (83,2%). The rest are in the industry and construction sector, which represents 14,8%. In addition, it contains some architectural treasures like the Saint-Martin church and the Guivry chapel. Finally, it is a place of family leisure thanks to the Oxygen Plaine.
Thus, Mesnil-Amelot is a much more complex village than it seems!

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