Link between two historic countries

Nestled on the left bank of the Oise, the territory of Regional Natural Park is attached to the Country of France and the Country Valois, lands of elections of the Capétiens, places of residence of the Merovingians.

This royal presence strongly marked him and left many prestigious testimonies: abbeys (Royaumont, Chaâlis…), castles (Chantilly, Raray…), royal city of Senlis and its cathedral, etc.

The Park, north of Paris, is a real green lung thanks to its three majestic forests (Ermenonville, Halatte and Chantilly forests) and its numerous ponds and valleys. It is full of essential natural environments and among them, the sandy heaths of Ermenonville, the swamps of Theve or the lawns of the limestone slopes of the Oise. Many typical villages with old buildings also give a real character to this territory. So many places to daydream and stroll.

The challenge for the Park is to preserve the rurality and heritage of the territory. The Park, a real interregional regional planning tool, has given itself, via its charter, the primary objective of controlling the development of its territory and responding to the following challenges:

  • Preserve and sustainably manage the territory's natural and cultural heritage
  • Promote balanced economic development
  • Welcome and raise public awareness of the environment and heritage

Thus, the Oise-Pays de France Regional Natural Park is the realization of a common and strong will so that this region is a recognized territory, preserved and developed sustainably.