Europacorp Aéroville cinema becomes Pathé Aéroville

Your Pathé cinema Aeroville reinvents itself entirely, and offers you incredible new products.

Before the screening

The immersive LED wall

These screens immerse you in the world of cinema even before entering it by showing you the latest trailers and informing you of current or upcoming events. All through a 14m long wall slab, i.e. the equivalent of 100m²

The agora staircase

A space dedicated to sharing! Sports meetings, retransmissions of the biggest festivals dedicated to the 7th art, the Agora staircase, also called monumental staircase, gives you similar sensations to the stands of the largest stadiums and concert halls.

360 space

Espace 360 ​​extends immersion into the world of cinema. Offering trailers, music videos and videos of extreme sports on giant screens, it is above all a place of life where everyone can freely come and enjoy these programs.
We also find the confectionery bar, a real haunt for our gourmet visitors.

During the screening

Dolby Cinema room

A unique experience, spectacular images, traveling sound, reclining Premium seats.

4DX room

The absolute cinema experience, experience the film in all its dimensions.
The movement of the seats is associated with special sensory effects such as wind, rain, thunderstorm, fog, smoke, scents ... in perfect synchronization with the film.

2 Premium rooms

A cinema experience perfect. Designed for your comfort, the new Premium rooms offer you:

  • Two different atmospheres
  • A reserved bar / lounge lounge
  • A dedicated offer
  • Personalized service

Pratical information

30 Rue des Buissons, 93290 Tremblay-en-France - 0 892 69 66 96
Open daily from 10h to 1h

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